The Carnegie Fair owns and operates a variety of amusement rides for fairgoers young and old. From gentle rides like our Fish Ride to the extreme thrill of the Wildcat, we have an attraction that’s exciting for the entire family.

Fish Ride

The Fish ride is a favorite among the youngest fairgoers. It’s a gentle, spinning ride featuring six colorfully-painted fish. It was purchased from Dizzy’s One Fun Place, a defunct amusement park in Ardmore, OK. We brought it to the Carnegie Park in 2007. Carnegie Telephone Company donated the funds used to purchase this ride.

Swing Ride

The Swing ride also came to Carnegie in 2007, after sitting abandoned in a field in San Antonio, TX. It was originally built for a small amusement park in Clovis, NM. It has six free-swinging chairs that each hold up to 4 people.

Rocket Train

The Rocket Train, manufactured by S.R. Rondina in Italy, also came to Carnegie in 2007 from Dizzy’s One Fun Place in Ardmore, OK. It was refurbished with the assistance of the Auto Body/Collision program at Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center. The Farmers Bank of Carnegie donated the funds to purchase this ride.

Ferris Wheel

Our Ferris Wheel is a Wisdom Industries conversion of an Eli Bridge #5, which has been a staple of county fairs and carnival midways for over a century. This wheel came to Carnegie from a carnival company located near Fort Worth, TX in 2008.

Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship, manufactured by General Kiddie Rides, was purchased in 2011. It is a mobile attraction, and is jointly owned by the Fort Cobb, Carnegie, and Hinton fair associations. 

Wildcat Ride

The Wildcat Ride is a Garbrick Manufacturing Merry Mixer, which is in many ways similar to a Scrambler or Sizzler ride, except that this one is cable-operated. Pulse-pounding music and intense lighting complete this thrilling ride experience.

Kiddie Cars

The Kiddie Cars ride was purchased in late 2019, but did not make an appearance at the Fair until the 2021 event. We did not have a 2020 Fair because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This gentle ride is aimed at the youngest of our fans, and was a hit on its first year being used.

Airplane Ride